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Before You Buy Vinyl Sheet/Linoleum

Linoleum has stood the test of time and comes in a variety of styles. Lino is made from renewable resources and considered Eco Friendly.
There are many advantages to having linoleum in your home. it can be very durable, extremely comfortable, and it is water resistant. Who hasn’t had or seen a pet leave as much water on the floor after a hefty drink and then with a quick wipe the mess has disappeared. The ease maintenance is a definite advantage.

At E.T. Flooring & Design we can show customers everything from a retro look to a textured wood look that will have your visitors on their knees checking out your new floor. The soft feel underfoot allows your decor to have the look of a stone and tile and still have the relief offered from the softness of a Vinyl Sheet Floor.

Linoleum is perfect for a wet traffic in a mud room, bathroom, laundry and kitchen areas, where spills and splashes occur. Lino offers the durability required for these high traffic areas in your home and will stand up without fading and continue to perform for many years. Linoleum is considered to be a budget friendly option and with all the great patterns and colors available it should be considered as a flooring choice for your new home or renovation.
We at E.T. Flooring & Design have a team of sales people and installers to make your linoleum flooring something to be proud of in your home.

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