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At E.T.Flooring & Design there is hardly a day goes by that a customer will ask, do homeowners still use carpet? Yes , carpet is and continues to be a flooring of choice for those of us who want to step onto a warm surface first thing in the morning or enjoy the softness and warmth underfoot as we sit and watch movies in family rooms situated on the lower floors of our modern day homes.

Cork & Leather

Cork is a flooring that surpasses other types of flooring when it comes to comfort, design, warmth and ease of installation. Cork flooring comes in a variety of different colors and formats.


Natural wood flooring provides a room with a warm look. There are many types of wood flooring, engineered hardwood or solid hardwood. Each has its advantages and disadvantages depending on where it is being installed.


E.T. Flooring & Design has the largest selection of laminate flooring in Prince Albert and Northern Saskatchewan. The innovative patterns that are printed are often very hard to distinquish from real hardwood and are laminated to a base with a protective finish that can withstand the rigors of our busy households.

LVP – Luxury Vinyl Plank

E.T. Flooring has the largest selection of Luxury Vinyl Plank and and Luxury Vinyl Tile in Prince Albert and Northern Saskatchewan. It offers homeowners great features such as water and stain resistance, enhanced durability for long-term use and cost-effectiveness. It is also coated with a wear layer unique on the market, formulated to add antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.


There are many choices of flooring for your home. One of the most diverse and widely used is ceramic tile. E.T. Flooring and Design offers many choices from a simple backsplash to a custom shower and bathroom or kitchen renovation. Our distributors keep us supplied with the latest and newest samples so our customers can be assured that they have the most up to date choices for their renovation or new home build.

Vinyl Sheet/Linoleum

Linoleum has stood the test of time and comes in a variety of styles. Lino is made from renewable resources and considered Eco Friendly. There are many advantages to having linoleum in your home. it can be very durable, extremely comfortable, and it is water resistant. Who hasn’t had or seen a pet leave as much water on the floor after a hefty drink and then with a quick wipe the mess has disappeared. The ease maintenance is a definite advantage.

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