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Carpet Flooring

At E.T.Flooring & Design there is hardly a day goes by that a customer will ask, do homeowners still use carpet? Yes , carpet is and continues to be a flooring of choice for those of us who want to step onto a warm surface first thing in the morning or enjoy the softness and warmth underfoot as we sit and watch movies in family rooms situated on the lower floors of our modern day homes.

Carpet manufacturers are keeping pace with the modern home by introducing easy care fabric and trendy designs. The carpet industry offers warranties that may include: stain proof, soil resistance, anti shock and multi year texture retention that can be extended with the various Premium Cushion underpad available. We at E.T. Flooring & Design will ensure you choose the carpet and underpad that best suits your needs to get the most durability and longest life possible.

Regular cleaning in the form of vacuuming and steam extraction will ensure your carpet remains looking its best. Vacuuming prevents soil from penetrating into the fibre and every 12 to 18 months the carpet should be cleaned with steam extraction to ensure removal of any build up of dirt. Most vacuum cleaners have adjustable cleaning bars to ensure proper cleaning without being too harsh on the carpet fibres.

Renovating ? New home in your future? E.T. Flooring and Design has a multitude of carpet options as well as installers with experience and an eye for detail that makes your carpeting a joy to live with.


Berber carpet began as a widely used commercial grade carpet, but has evolved into a great home carpeting option, and is most commonly used in basements, home offices and family rooms.



Plush carpeting is a type of cut pile carpeting. There are several advantages to the use of plush carpeting. One of the benefits is a comfortable covering for the floors in the home. Because their construction calls for the small tufts to be closely spaced, carpets of this type have a cushioning effect even without the addition of a pad underneath the carpeting.


Twist carpet is very similar to plush carpet with the difference being that the fibres are twisted to increase durability. This type of carpet can be used in various types of rooms.

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