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Vinyl Sheet/Linoleum Care & Expectations

Vinyl Sheet/Linoleum flooring, otherwise known as cushion floor, is an affordable floor that will give you a warmer softer feel underfoot, compared to ceramic tile, laminate or hardwood.


Cleaning: It is very important that you clean your floors with the proper cleaners. Every manufacturer recommends their own care product,unlike your everyday off the shelf soap based cleaners They are formulated with an ammonia base. This allows the cleaner to be rinse free and prevents the build up that happens over time when using inferior cleaners.

Vinegar: Is for cooking with, prolonged used of this will soften and break down your finish.

Soap: Will never completely rinse off and attract dirt which will eventually cause a grimy build up.

Ammonia: Please do not try to dilute this yourself. Improper use will breakdown your wear layer. Save yourself some grief and use the manufacturer’s recommended cleaner.

Damage: All vinyl flooring is built with a layer of cushion, which if you drop something sharp and/or heavy, can dent or even scar the surface. This most often can be repaired with a seam sealer or a patch.

Indentations: All vinyl can have a dent left from heavy furniture. These pressure marks may come out over time depending on the length of time of the pressure. If not, a patch repair is possible. Protection under furniture with felts is recommended.

Seams: Are inevitable in some installations. Typically vinyl is 12′ wide. Never expect them to be visible, although they are usually camouflaged in a grout line. You may see a shinier appearance where the seam is due to the sealer, which is required to keep it from splitting. You will want to avoid this area for at least 24 hours to prevent contaminating it. If, over the years, a seam does happen to split, you will be able to reseal it.

 If you have a crawl space, you have NO WARRANTY on any seams due to moisture wicking up

Vinyl Sheet/Linoleum

Linoleum has stood the test of time and comes in a variety of styles. Lino is made from renewable resources and considered Eco Friendly. There are many advantages to having linoleum in your home. it can be very durable, extremely comfortable, and it is water resistant. Who hasn’t had or seen a pet leave as much water on the floor after a hefty drink and then with a quick wipe the mess has disappeared. The ease maintenance is a definite advantage.

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